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From £2000


As well as Wedding Photography I also offer wedding Films. I only take on a limited amount of weddings per year to give my clients the best possible service.


I cover all types of wedding Filming including Civil, Church, Civil Partnerships, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Chinese Weddings



Asian Weddings


Our approach to Asian Wedding Videography is a delicate balance between capturing every moment whilst at the same time preserving the intimacy and nature of your day as it naturally unfolds.


You'll be glad to know that we don't stop and start you or boss you around all day, or block your guests from seeing whats going on. Instead we work hard to capture all those special moments as unobtrusively as we possibly can. We use some pretty cool techniques, software and creativity which when combined with our experience of filming Asian weddings, helps us create the perfect film for you and your family.





Every love story is unique and no wedding is alike, we believe every wedding film should be approached with this in mind. Getting to know your ideas and what's important to you, so that we can capture all the little, often unseen moments as well as the more obvious parts of your day with the aim of crafting a wedding film that's beautifully edited and which is unique to each couple.



Sikh Weddings


Over the years we have covered many Sikh Weddings and love the speed and pace at which these days move. So much happens and through the experience we've gained over the years we can anticipate what's coming next, ensuring we capture every moment creatively and without fuss not needing to interrupt or stop and start you until we get the shot. We work hard to keep everyones focus on you capturing all those special moments as unobtrusively as we possibly can.

For those Still going ahead with weddings in 2021


Live WEDDING Streaming

We live in Crazy times, with many couples postponing their weddings until next year and beyond. But for those brave souls who just can't wait and still want to get married this year, then we are pleased to be able to offer our Live Wedding Streaming Services. Now everyone can join you online and celebrate with you as you tie the knot.


Covering London, Suffolk, Kent, Leicester, Manchester, Nottingham, Derbyshire and the rest of the UK including Destination Weddings

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