Wedding Video Songs

Songs that Inspire…

I love looking for new wedding video Songs for my Cinematic Films. Every time I watch a movie that has a soppy or romantic moment or I walk into a store playing a catchy tune in the background, I find myself reaching quickly for my iphone and using my favourite App ‘Shazam’. All I have to do is open the App, press ‘tag’ and point it in the direction of the music. It then takes a sample of the few seconds sample of sound and searches it’s database for the song. Seconds later it gives details of the Name and Artist of the Song and stores the details on my iphone. A fantastic App!!! If your a wedding videographer reading my blog and you struggle finding inspiring music then it’s a must have App.

Now I have an ever changing list of up to date songs that my clients just love and makes choosing wedding video songs so much easier for couples.

Having the right songs are so important in a wedding video as they dictate the style and speed of your film. Choose the wrong one and it can be disastrous which is why I spend time every week looking for songs that are contemporary, elegant and moving to listen too.

Here’s a great one I found yesterday.

“We are man and Wife” – Michelle Featherstone. Have a listen on iTunes.

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