Anna & Nadir ❘ Wedderburn Castle Wedding, Scotland

Today we have Anna & Nadir’s Chinese Wedding video in Scotland. After finishing a wedding in London my lovely wife drove me all the way up to Wedderburn Castle in Duns, Scotland (whilst I had a sleep) for Anna & Nadir’s wedding. I was looking forward to this one as they were starting the day with chinese wedding games which I love filming. Chinese games are used as a way to ease the tension and anxiety before the wedding ceremony. The games include tasks from the bridesmaids which the groom has to complete in order to prove his love and be allowed to collect his bride. Anyway, Nadir arrived looking rather nervous and looked a little more nervous after the bridesmaids had dressed him in an apron, bra and washing up gloves. After completing his tasks Nadir and Anna headed over to Wedderburn Castle for their civil ceremony which took place outside. Anyway, please check out their Wedderburn Castle Wedding video below.

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