Oliver & Jessica ❘ Wasing Park Barn Wedding, Berkshire

Another fantastic couple!! Oliver & Jessica live in Australia but travelled back to the UK for their Wasing Park Barn wedding in Aldermaston, West Berkshire.  The sun was shining and the tree’s were in full blossom and so it was the perfect day for any wedding videographer or wedding photographer to capture some stunning imagery. Oliver & Jessica had their civil ceremony in the Ceremony Barn Anyway, here is their Wasing Park Barn wedding video highlights from their day and a big thank you to Oliver and Jessica for making me feel so welcome.

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Here are a few thoughts from Oliver and Jessica

Q1) What was the favourite parts of your big day?
My stand out moment was when we went outside after the meal.  Jessica was stood under a blossom tree and smiled over her shoulder at me.  That image was something I’ll never forget.  I just thought “Wow, She’s Stunning!”.  Jessica’s friend Emma Masters and her cousin James Harding played an acoustic version of Bryan Adams “I’ll Always Be Right There” during the ceremony.  They had only rehearsed it together once, 10 minutes before the ceremony but they pulled it off brilliantly.Everyone finishing the night by singing New York New York in a circle with Jessica and me in the middle.

Q2) What do you love about being married?
Knowing that you’ll always have each other and being able to build plans for the future together.

Q3) Why did you want a wedding film of your day?
Everyone had warned us that the day would be a blur so we wanted to capture as much of it as possible to re-live it over again and share it with our children in years to come.  We’d seen the wedding video Shaun had done for our friends Neil and Hannah and it was exactly what we wanted.

Q4) Any advice for future bride and grooms?
Enjoy it!  It can be easy to get distracted by so much going on, but it’s a day about the two of you.

Wedding Venue: Wasing Park Barn, Aldermaston
Wedding Dress by Maria Chiodo
Makeup and hair by Anna Woolcott
Shoes by Belle
Stationary by Jane Clifford (mother of the bride)
Cake by Marks & Spencer
Flowers by White horse flower company.
Wedding Film by Beautiful Life
Wedding Photography by Jane Snell and Jennifer Evans (friends).

© Beautiful Life – Wedding Video and Photography