The Doli Video

asian wedding Videos and Asian Wedding VideographyThis was filmed in 2011 – there are much newer versions of our work which can be viewed here Sikh Wedding Videography

The Doli is a post wedding ritual and marks the end of the wedding ceremony with the departure of the bride from her parental house. This is a very emotion and often tearful ceremony as the Bride leaves her parents home and says goodbye to friends and relatives and sets out to build a new life with her husband and his family. The custom is for the bride to throw Phulian or puffed rice over her head. The ritual shows her good wishes of prosperity for her parents to prosper and flourish in the house she is leaving behind. Brother’s accompany the bride as she walks towards the car where brothers, cousins and relatives say goodbye. As the car starts money is thrown onto the road to discard evil and the car sets off to her new home. Here is their Asian Wedding Videos.

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