Stick Fighting Web Video | S.K.J Martial Arts

Back in January my wife Joy was asked by S.K.J. Martial Arts to do some promotional photography for the launch of their new gym in Leicester. The gym offers training on escrima stick fighting, kick boxing and Jiu Jitsu and is run by Abi Steady, Jo Hicks and Caz Tweedy from The Arnis Angels who are part of the British stick fighting team. Anyway, when Joy was editing her photos from the session I particular liked the look of the Stick Fighting. I was spending way too much time sat in front of my computer editing and when one day my daughter Charis (aged 6) started calling me “fat boy” I decided it was time to join Stick fighting. After the first night I was hooked and bought my first set of escrima sticks off ebay the next day!! It is the most amazing (and knackering) sport I have ever done and I haven’t missed a session of stick fighting since. Anyway, Abi has been asking me for a while to do some filming for her so last night I took a night off from training to film and put these quick Promotional Videos together as a nice little intro into stick fighting!!

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