Step Back Speak up – Behavioural Safety Management Video

Step Back Speak Up: Behavioural Safety Video

Over the last 6 years I’ve been involved in filming lots of workplace and Behavioural Safety Videos for various companies throughout the UK. So I was delighted when I was approached by Hargreaves Industrial Services to develop a training resource for the Step Back Speak Up safety initiative. The Idea was to create a short film of interviews and work place scenarios which would strengthen the communication and engagement process related to the safety management aspect of the business. The ultimate aim of this was to highlight the need to Step Back by assessing the situation before starting a task and then to speak up if you feel unsafe at anytime.  Filming took place over several days at Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station in Nottinghamshire and at Redcar Steel Industries in Teeside. It was a real pleasure filming with all the guys at Hargreaves and those who vounteered for the various scenarios. Here is the finished Behavioural Safety Management Video.

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Behavioural Safety Management Film on behalf of Hargreaves Industrial Services