Bhupinder’s Pre-wedding Video

asian wedding Videos and Asian Wedding VideographyThis was filmed in 2011 – there are much newer versions of our work which can be viewed here Sikh Wedding Videography

Here is Bhupinders Sikh pre-wedding video (Jaggo) which took place in Leicester. This video is just the highlights from the evening which lasts about 6 mins. All the dancing was filmed (with original sound) but there is too much to upload so I will upload a few minutes worth soon.

The Ceremony of Jaggo

The ceremony of Jaggo is an event which close relatives and freinds are invited. This takes place at night some nights before the wedding day. A copper vessel is decorated (called gaffar, with diyas (lamps) made of atta (wheat flour) and another one of the ladies carries a long stick with ghungroos (small bells) tied to it.  The ladies sing and perform a traditional dance called the giddha. Usually the mehendi and sangeet ceremony follows that of jaggo. This is an occasion for celebration with all family and friends being invited. Mehendi is applied on the bride’s hands and the other girls of the family too apply mehendi.

I will be uploading Bhupinder’s Mehendi Ceremony soon.

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