Bhupinder and Sukhjit Preparations

asian wedding Videos and Asian Wedding VideographyThis was filmed in 2011 – there are much newer versions of our work which can be viewed here Sikh Wedding Videography

Back in January I posted Bhupinder’s Pre-wedding Sikh Ceremonies on my blog. The first was his Jaggo Ceremony and a few days later I posted his Vatna/Maiya Ceremony. Since then Bhupinder has spent a lot of time choosing the right songs for his main wedding day and has recently updated me with his choices. I have just completed the first part of his wedding day covering the Bride and Groom Preparations which takes you to just before the families met outside the Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Bedford. This section of their Asian Wedding Videos is cut to music and will lead into the Ardaas and Milni Ceremonies which will be produced with the original audio.

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