Rowton Castle Wedding Videos | Samantha and Philip


It’s been a while since i’ve filmed any wedding videos at Rowton Castle weddings. So it was nice to be back in Shrewsbury for Samantha and Phil’s big day. The day started at a nice quirky hotel with Samantha and her sister as they all got ready. I don’t think I’ve ever met a bride who was so nervous about getting married. After some lovely preparations it was time to leave for Rowton Castle and capture Phil and his groomsmen as they arrived in their A-Team van. It made me giggle when I heard the theme tune for A-Team playing in the background as they drove past.  Once the guys had arrived and unpacked it was back to Samantha as she got dressed and ready to walk down the aisle. The ceremony was so lovely. Once they had kissed, signed the register and made their way back down the aisle Samantha was looking much more relaxed. Then we went out into the garden’s behind Rowton Castle where the quartet played and everyone mingled and congratulated the happy couple. The rest of the day was really nicely paced and seemed to fly by. A big thank you to Samantha and Phil for being so lovely to work with. Here is their Rowton Castle Weddings video highlights. Enjoy!

Why did you choose Beautiful Life?
We searched the internet for weeks trying to find a company that could create the video we wanted. It was really important to us that the production standards were high and the video looked professional – there are many many cheesy options out there! After going through many show reels and feeling like we’d never find the perfect supplier we found Beautiful Life. The wedding videos Shaun had created on his website were simply stunning. We loved the ‘fly on the wall’ style and that he offered an intimate but not intrusive style. He made us all feel at ease from the moment he arrived and we hardly remember seeing him at all on the day!

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