Viva-Homa ⎮Hindu Wedding Video Sacred Fire Ceremony

asian wedding Videos and Asian Wedding VideographyThis was filmed in 2011 – there are much newer versions of our work which can be viewed here Sikh Wedding Videography

When I first started in the Wedding video industry I only had english weddings in mind. But now 4 years later and so much has changed. My wife has joined me in the business as a Wedding Photography and we now regularly film and Photograph English, Asian, Jewish, Greek, Chinese and other European Weddings throughout the UK. This is what makes our work so exciting. One day we can be filming a wedding in a beautiful Castle in Scotland and the next day we can be filming a Chinese wedding banquet with Fire Crackers and Lion dancing or a events for Sikh weddings such as Sangeets, Chunni’s and Mendhi Parties. At last count we have filmed 17 different types of weddings throughout 2010.

Over the coming weeks I will be sharing small sections/ceremonies from some of my weddings with the hope of giving you an insight into our diverse filming. Here is a section from a Indian Wedding Videos I have just completed. Hindu Wedding videos are one the most favourite  events I film. The ceremonies last approx. 2 hours but here is a small section showing the “Sacred Fire Ceremony” known as the “Viva-Homa.” Fire symbolises purity and spirituality and at the time of Pratigna-Karan the Bride and Groom walk slowly around the sacred Fire seven times. Enjoy!!

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