Rushton Hall Wedding Video | Andy & Caroline

Today I’m sharing Andy & Caroline’s Rushton Hall Wedding video highlights, Nottinghamshire. Andy & Caroline were a lovely couple to film for and Rushton Hall was the perfect venue for their wedding. We had a fantastic day, the weather was great and everything went really nicely until Andy made his first mistake. His mobile phone went off during the vows which was a tad embarrassing but he soon recovered and completed his vows with no further interruptions. Once the ceremony had finished they headed outside for a ride on a horse and carriage and then the rest of the day seemed to go so quickly. They were the perfect couple and here is their Ruston Hall wedding video highlights from their day. Enjoy!!

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A few thoughts from Andy & Caroline

Q1) What was your favourite part of the day?
Bride – being together for the horse and carriage ride after the ceremony
Groom: – Walking down the aisle with Caz as my wife.

Q2)  What do you love about being married?
Bride –  I love that I married my best friend
Groom: – The excitement of knowing I have the rest of my life to enjoy her smile

Q3)  Tell us about Rushton hall and why you chose to get married there?
Bride – it’s a beautiful place with exceptional staff and service. We had the fairytale wedding at rushton hall
Groom – We were certain immediately that a church wedding wasn’t for us. Caroline favoured a big family wedding and Rushton Hall just felt like home, albeit a very large and beautiful home. The staff really do care.

Q4) What advice do you have for future bride and grooms when planning their wedding?
Bride – don’t sleep in the same room as your bridesmaids the night before! Ensure you have a toastmaster – they make the day really special. Remind your future husband to turn their phone off before the ceremony! Lol
Groom – Make her research every last thing thoroughly before you set a budget, and remember that ultimately it’s about the two of you, not the guests.

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