Stapleford Park Country House Hotel | Firework Display

Promotional video

It was great last night filming a Pyromusical display on behalf of Komodo Fireworks at Stapleford Park Country House Hotel. Komodo Fireworks produce some of the most spectacular displays I have ever seen and I was at Stapleford Park to film Komodo’s handy work. I drove across a very bumpy field in the pitch black (which was fun) and parked next to a spooky forest and managed to set up my two cameras. It’s times like these when you wish you had gone easy on the horror movies as a teenager!! But with Stapleford Park Country House in the background Rob and his team managed to light up the sky with another awesome Pyromusical firework display. As it got darker the sky looked amazing so I created a timelapse of the clouds moving over the venue and made a great little intro for the video.

Over the last 12 months I have been filming various displays as part of an ongoing/developing Promotional DVD made especially for promoting their shows and products. Anyway, Enjoy!!

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