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A little while back Springvale Leather asked us to produce several Corporate Videos that would educate, communicate and showcase their products to potential clients both on their website and in their showroom. They wanted the promotional videos to show what was special about their furniture and to emphasise the manufacturing process and quality of materials used. Springvale Leather have just started to build a presence on Facebook and Youtube and wanted the ability to use communicate more visually within their social networking sites.  Few businesses have caught onto the opportunities that promotional videos can bring. Firstly, you stand much more of a chance in being found in the search engines and secondly it adds another visual dimension to your website making it much more engaging. Website visitors will often skip over text and on average will only stay on your website for 30 seconds or less, whilst approx. 35% of visitors will watch online promotional videos right to the very end. Web videos bring a website to life by adding movement and personal interest and give the visitor a chance to see much more than they normally would. Promotional videos have an ability to communicate quickly and effectively and is probably why website videos are the fastest growing way of promoting your business online today. Here is the first of Springvale Leathers promotional videos showing the manufacturing process.

Promotional videos for Springvale Leather | Manufacturing Process

Also, a big thank you to Louise Wilson (female voice over artist) for doing a superb job on the voice overs!!
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