Amil & Virginia, Natural History Museum Wedding Video

Weddings at the Natural History Museum in London

Today I have another awesome Chinese Wedding Videos to share with you all. Amil & Virginia live in Hong Kong but decided to have their Wedding at the Natural History Museum in London. Rick and I started the day filming the Preparations which were followed by some awesome Chinese Door Games. For those who don’t know, Chinese weddings always start with Chinese door Games. Basically the Groom arrives with the Groomsmen and the Brides Bouquet. The Bride remains hidden in her room whilst the Groom completes a set of challenges given to him by the Bridesmaids. The Groom isn’t allowed to see the Bride until all the challenges are completed.  So after some hilarious, funny, crazy games consisting of lipstick, press ups and singing songs out loud, Amil was aloud to collect his bride to be. Next it was their Civil wedding which was at Westminster Register Office.

After the ceremony everyone climbed onboard a big red London Bus, next stop – La Porte Des Indes Restaurant where I had some of the best Indian Food I have ever tasted. We had a walk over to the Marble Arch to get some nice shots with the Bride and Groom and then it was time for the wedding reception which was at London’s Natural History Museum. What an amazing backdrop for a wedding. It was breathtaking. Amil & Virginia made their way down the grand stone Staircase towards their guests, had some more great food and then danced the evening away with some amazing dance moves. The first dance took a funny turn and before you knew it they were all performing Gangnam Style. So here’s Amil & Virginia’s awesome Wedding Film Trailer from their wedding at the Natural History Museum in London.

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