Funeral Filming ❘ Major James Daniel Gill

Today I was in Kettering filming the funeral of Major James Daniel Gill who tragically died after his battle with cancer. The funeral took place at the Albert Munn Chapel at Kettering Crematorium. This was a military funeral with Flag Bearers leading the way and friends and family beautifully sharing precious and emotional memories of a life which will be so dearly missed. Funeral filming is always a challenge as they’re such difficult situations to be in and we have to work hard to keep a low profile and be discreet to those attending. However, it really is a privilege to be trusted to capture these very sensitive moments. As videographers and Photographers we get asked to capture special and important moments for our clients and and as storytellers funerals are no exception. To capture and record these precious memories and form a film for future generations to learn from and understand where they came from is an amazing thing. We love what we do!!

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