Amandeep – Sikh Maiyan and Vatna Ceremony

asian wedding Videos and Asian Wedding VideographyThis was filmed in 2012 – there are much newer versions of our work which can be viewed here Sikh Wedding Videography

Today we have another Asian Wedding Videos to share. After the engagement day the Bride and Groom are expected to stay in their homes until the wedding day. In the past this could be long and drawn out but nowadays it has been shortened in most cases to just one day. The Maiyan Ceremony marks the beginning of the confinement and is followed by the Vatna Ceremony where turmeric paste is applied by family and friends to the brides skin. This takes place under the Bagh which is a piece of handmade cloth that has been passed down from previous generations. Amandeep and Satwant were fabulous to work with. Beautiful Life covered both the video and Photography on their day and we loved every minute of it. Here are there Photographs by my lovely wife Joy (PHOTOS) and below is the first part of Amandeep and Satwant’s Sikh Wedding video showing her pre-wedding ceremonies. I will be uploading the Jagoo and other sections from their Indian Wedding Videos over the coming weeks.

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