Maiyan Ceremony – Sikh Wedding Videography, Leicestershire

A couple of days ago I was asked very last minute to film a Maiyan Ceremony as part of a Sikh Wedding in Leicestershire. I absolutely love these events, they make me laugh so much. I love the closeness of the family and friends and how everyone turns up to show their support. For those of you who don’t know about Sikh weddings, the Maiyan ceremony is a short traditional Sikh pre-wedding ritual which happens the day before, usually in the morning. Turmeric powder and yogurt are mixed together to form a moist dough which everybody takes turns to cover the groom with. The face, hands, arms and feet are all covered with the aim of giving the bride or groom nice healthy glowing skin for their wedding day. Family and friends all join in there are lots of laughs along the way.

Overall great fun and here is a quick snippet of when the Grooms friends got their turn.This is just so funny!!


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