Sikh Pre-Wedding Ceremonies ⎮ Maiya, Vatna, Choora

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It was a real privilege to film Makhan and Anita’s Pre-wedding Sikh Ceremonies and Wedding Day recently. They were a very relaxed and fun couple which made filming their day so much easier. Before the main day I was asked to film the Maiya, Vatna and Choora Ceremonies which are all important Sikh Pre-wedding Rituals. The Maiya and Vatna Ceremony take place a few days before the wedding day and is where scented powder made with barley flour, turmeric and mustard oil is smeared on the Bride or Groom’s body in their respective homes. This was followed by the Choora (Bangle Ceremony) which usually takes place at the Bride’s home but on this occasion took place at the Highlands Hotel nearby. This is where the maternal Aunt and Uncle of the Bride place red and white bangles on her wrist with ornaments made of silver and gold (Kalira) tied to the bangles.

Here are Makhan and Anita’s Pre-wedding Ceremony Highlights. Please feel free to leave comments and click the Icons to add the video to your Facebook, Twitter or Buzz Accounts. The rest of their Asian Wedding Videos will appear here soon.

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