Manchester Filming of a Jewish Wedding 2009

I love weddings that keep me on my toes and Jewish weddings are no exception. A few months ago I had the privilege of filming a wedding in Manchester with just a few days notice. Filming a Jewish wedding video is very different to filming a Civil wedding as there are so many intricate parts to the day so experience is always important in knowing where to be at what time.

There was so much energy to the day and I am thoroughly  enjoying the many hours editing this wedding is taking. There is so much footage and the difficult part is editing it all down into a watchable film for the whole family to enjoy. It was great to meet the family and get to know everyone and since the wedding I have worked with the family on a corporate project and so feel as I have got to know them pretty well.

Jewish Wedding Film Highlights

I have now started the task of editing, colour grading/enhancing their Film which takes many hours to complete. Below is the first part of the Wedding DVD which covers the Bridal Preparations to the Tish. The Tish is the accompaniment whisky and Singing by the Groom and as many male Guests as possible (Chatan in Hebrew, Chossen in Yiddish). The idea is the toasting, giving and receiving of last-minute advice, followed by drinking and more singing before the wedding ceremony.

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Jewish Wedding Videos