Jewish wedding Film – 2009

A few months ago I filmed a Jewish Wedding in Manchester and have just finished the final edit. The wedding Ceremony took place in the Synagogue under a Chuppah which is a canopy on four poles which the Bride, Groom, Parents and Priests all stand under. The Chuppah symbolises the home the couple will build together and the hospitality they will provide for their guests and represents the presence of God over the covenant of marriage.

This looked really beautiful but was very challenging to film under as I only had tiny gaps to point my camera through. There was very little space due to all the people who had to fit under and so me and the photographer had very limited for space. For this I used two cameras so that I could move one when someone stood in the way and to ensure that I had the wedding ceremony covered as best I could. This gives the ceremony a real close, intimate look and some of the shots I got were really beautiful. The rest of the day fro preparations to the first dance were great to film as there was so much happening. The hard part is always editing the footage down into a Cinematic Jewish Wedding Videosthat the whole family can enjoy watching time and time again.

Their finished Jewish Wedding video looks amazing and lasts just under 2 hours including speeches and dancing. This would be far too much to upload and so I have condensed the Highlights into 3:30 minutes mini cinematic montage. This gives a great overview of the day but just shows the highlights of the Film. The wedding video includes the Badekan ceremony, Tish, breaking the Glass and Chair dancing.
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Jewish Wedding Videos