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Here’s some more sikh Wedding Videography to share with you all. We love Sikh and Asian Weddings. Sikh Punjabi wedding rituals are vibrant, elaborate and ritualistic and the same applies to pre wedding events. A few days ago I shared the highlights video from Jarnails Maiyan ceremony and today I would love to share his next Jago Ceremony. This is another pre wedding event I love to film. For those who don’t know the Jago ceremony is a fast paced and energetic event and often the most well liked as the Jago Ceremony further heightens the excitement of the wedding festivities. The Jago ceremony usually happens the night before a Punjabi wedding and is a chance for friends and family to rejoice and dance together in celebration. A pot (gaggar) is decorated with candles and carried on the head whilst dancing and singing jago songs. The word jago means “Wake up” and gets everyone in the mood for whats to come. The Jago Ceremony starts with the aunt colourfully dressed in a traditional Punjabi Ghaghara and with her dancing with the pot on her head. The pot is then passed around the rest of the family and friends where they take their turn in the Jago alongside everyone else.

Anyway, here’s two videos from the night!! Big thank you once again to Jarnail and his family for making me feel so welcome and for the nice bottle of Indian Whisky you gave me on the night!! Very nice!!

Jago Ceremony Highlights video – Youtube

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