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Asian Weddings at the Athena, Leicester

Today I want to share the lovely Jason and Sheena’s Indian Wedding video from the Athena in Leicester. Joy and I filmed and photographed their Sikh Wedding and their Hindu wedding a little while back and absolutely loved this couple. They were so lovely to work with and so relaxed!! Gary and Ben started the morning at the Grooms house whilst me and Joy were with Sheena at the Athena. This was the first time I had filmed an Asian wedding at the Athena Leicester and I thought it was a stunning venue. I loved the art-deco and old style cinema feel. The Athena felt really unique and different to most other Indian wedding venues which left me inspired throughout the day. After the preparations the families met, Jason made his entrance followed shotly afterwards by Sheena who really looked stunning!! Their Indian Wedding ceremony got underway and before long we were back at their parents house playing Indian wedding games. Like a lot of other couples they played “Fishing the Ring” which is where a bowl is filled with milk and placed in front of them. A ring is then dropped into the bowl and swirled around by a family member. The couple then have to stick their hands in and find it as fast as possible. Lots is at stake as its said that whoever finds the ring first will rule the roost for the rest of their lives. Always lots of fun to video! After the games we were back to leicester Athena for the wedding reception, cake cutting and first dance. I’m sure you’ll agree from their Indian Wedding video that it was a beautiful day. So here’s their Asian wedding Video showing the best bits from their day. – Enjoy!!

Indian Wedding video Athena Leicester Highlights

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