Indian Wedding Photography at Wandsworth Town Hall, London

Wandsworth Town Hall Indian Wedding Photography, London

Some more lovely Indian wedding photography to share with you today.  This is our first wedding at Wandsworth Town Hall. Shammi and Jigna got married at Wandsworth Town Hall.  It was a beautiful sunny morning, perfect wedding weather for a change!  When we arrived for their Indian Wedding at Wandsworth Town Hall it was crazy busy, the tables were being set, the Mandap was going up, the florist was carrying hundreds of flowers in and the priest was preparing for the ceremony.  I am always amazed at Indian weddings at how fast everything comes together, you can go from an empty room to wedding ready in about an hour, it is incredible to watch.  Megan and I left the hustle and bustle and went downstairs to photograph Jigna getting ready, it was lovely and peaceful down there!  Soon the guests were arriving and there’s a bit of a ‘sing off’ between the ladies in each family which is really fun and I love photographing.  Then the Groom arrives and everything goes full speed from that point on.  Shammi and Jigna were lovely to work with and their Indian Wedding ceremony was beautiful.  We ended the day at Cannizaro Park in Wimbledon for some bride and groom portraits, it was so nice walking around in the sunshine.  We just couldn’t resist that ice-cream van just outside the gates of Cannizaro Park! Here are a few of our favourite wedding photos from their day. Enjoy!

Indian Wedding Photography


A few thoughts from the Bride & Groom

1. Tell us about your Indian wedding day?

We invited around 400 guests to celebrate our Hindu Wedding ceremony on the one-way system in wandsworth at the Town Hall’s Civic Suite! For our ceremony we wanted to focus on a simple, traditional and meaningful ceremony that explained each element clearly, not only for us but also our guests.

2. What were your favourite parts of the day?

Bride: The favourite part of my day was the ceremony it self and seeing all our friends and family come together to make the day special for us with smiles on their faces from the beginning to the end of the day!

Groom: I really enjoyed walking up to the hall with my family and friends, a couple of my friends were playing the dhol which was fun. We even got our dance on! And of course seeing Jigna in her wedding saree was amazing, she looked beautiful.

3. What do you love about being married?

Bride: Not having to spend all our free time planning a wedding!

Groom: Seeing each other everyday is lovely.

4. What advice do you have for future brides and grooms when planning their wedding?

Bride: Not to get too caught up in creating a ‘show’ for others but remembering why you are getting married.

Groom: Make a list!

5. Why did you choose Beautiful Life to capture your Indian Wedding video and photography?

Bride: Shammi and I both come from a creative background so who was going to capture the day was an important decision…. Shammi had seen beautiful life’s work elsewhere and thought they were right for our wedding… and i trusted his decision and filled out all the forms!

Groom: We liked Beautiful Life’s work on a friends wedding photography and video.
The attention to detail is to be admired.


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