Holland Park Wedding | Fun & Yattong’s Chinese Wedding Video

Today we have Fun and Yattong’s Chinese Wedding Videos from their wedding at Holland Park, London. We love Chinese Weddings and especially enjoy the Chinese games which are essential for starting every Chinese Wedding.  It is really difficult to film when your laughing so much behind the camera.  Yattong, with the help of his Groomsmen, had to face a tough set of challenges set by the Bridesmaids. On completing the challenges the Groom would prove his worth and be able to collect his bride.  So the lads got a scary makeover, had to have their legs waxed (OUCH!), played twister in the street and had to use various body parts to pass fruit and vegetables to each other. It looked rather rude at times, but thats the idea! Then Yattong had to pay his way past the Bridemaids, shout out a list of promises and sign a pretty lengthy contract before he was allowed in to see his bride. Eventually he passed and was allowed in to see Fun. Then it was time for some Chinese Tea at each parents houses and Fun received a serious amount of Gold bracelets and jewelery. After the ceremonies it was off to the Orangery for the wedding at Holland Park.  After Holland Park we headed to the Royal China Restaurant on Baker Street for their Wedding Banquet. Fun and Yattong were so nice to work with and here is their Wedding Film highlights for you to enjoy!

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