Greek Christening Video – Birmingham

Today we have a Greek Christening Video to share with you. It was great to be back in Birmingham filming a Greek Christening at St Andrews Greek Orthodox Cathedral. I love filming Greek Weddings and Greek Christenings as the colours and details give me so much inspiration when capturing the day. After the Christening at St Andrews Greek Orthodox Church the baptismal party at the Eaton Hotel in Birmingham began. I wish Michaels parents George and Maria all the best and a big thank you for making me feel so welcome throughout the day.

About Greek Christenings

Greek Baptism’s are important events and usually begin at the back of the church after being handed over to the godparents (Nuna and Nano). The priest touches the head of the child and prays, then says further prayers asking God to accept the child into the church. The priest, godparents and parents then head to the front of the church where the priest blesses the water inside the baptismal font. After annointing the childs hands, feet and legs with oil and the godparents repeat it over again. The child is then undressed and immersed into the font three times. The child is then given back to the godparents who in a sheetand he is annointed with Holy Myrrh. He takes a lock of hair from the child and he is then dressed in his baptismal garments by the godparents in a process known as vesting. They priest gives the child a gold cross and then they walk around the font 3 times holding the baptismal candle which completes the ceremony and leads into the baptismal party.

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