Greek Baptism Ceremony

Today we have another Greek Christening Video. A few months ago we were back in Nottingham filming and and photographing baby Sophia’s Greek Baptism Ceremony at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Virgin Eleousa. A Baptism Ceremony is a major event in the  life of any Greek family and are normally very busy events to film but on this occasion there were only a handful of close relatives, some of whom had travelled from Greece specially for Sophia’s Baptism Ceremony. When we arrived the family were setting out her shoes and lovely pink dress from Neonato and before long Sophia arrived and everything got underway. Firstly, the Greek Christening started with the priest signing the cross of christ over Sophia and saying prayers. Then the baptismal waters were blessed and the priest anointed Sophia oil and she was immersed 3 times before she was dressed!! She looked so cute!! Once dressed a large white candle was lit which symbolises the beginning of her Christian life and then walked  around the font before the baptism ceremony was completed. Baby Sophia smiled her way all the way through the whole ceremony and loved every single minute especially when she was being baptised in the font. As an events videographer I love the opportunity capture these special moments. A big thank you to the family for being so nice to us and especially for giving us some lovely cup cakes at the end of the ceremony which our own little girls finished off in a few seconds once we got home. Anyway, here’s the highlights from Sophia’s Greek Christening video. Enjoy!! You can also find Joy’s photos from the event here (Sophia’s Greek Christening Photography)

Sophia’s Greek Baptism Ceremony video

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