Promotional Video | Sticks Kicks and Jits Grappling Film

Here is a quick Martial Arts promotional video I filmed for SKJ (Sticks Kits and Jits) at their gym in Leicester. Abi, Caz and Jo have an amazing passion for teaching kickboxing, grappling, karate and stick fighting. I was first introduced to them last year when Joy went to photograph their Stickfighting launch session. It looked awesome and I just had to have a go. I joined in February 2012 and have trained with them every  week since. Stick fighting is one of the most enjoyable (knackering) sports I’ve ever done. It’s also done wonders for my fitness. It’s amazing how much satisfaction you can get from wearing hockey gloves, armor, a helmet and hitting someone with a stick. Over the coming months I’ll be making some more promotional videos for SKJ which will show all the varying types of martial arts sessions they cover. So here’s their first web film covering their grappling sessions. Enjoy!!

Grappling Promotional video

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