Film Events | The Victory Show 2102

Today we have a promotional video for the Victory Show. Here at Beautiful Life we love the many opportunities we get to photograph and film different types of events. As videographers and Photographers we treasure the chance to film events up close and see things others only get to view from a distance. So I was thrilled when Dave from Living TV asked me to be one of the videographers for The Victory Show 2012 in Cosby, Leicestershire. The Victory Show is a two day event showing aircraft, machinery, tanks and vehicles from the 1940’s. Airmen and Infantry showcase equipment and vehicles they have collected over the years and dig out and setup encampments throughout the site. Everything feels and looks so real and the day gives an amazing insight into life in the 1940’s. The highlight of the day for me was the WWII re-enactment where over 200 infantry and vehicles run a WWII scenario where the German’s, British and Americans meet in battle whilst the crowds watch from a distance. I had the opportunity to jump on one of the armoured vehicles and travel with the infantry into battle and film them upclose. The adrenalin rush was intense once the explosions, machine gun fire and tanks started to all go off around me. It felt so real as I felt the shockwaves from the explosions and the shouts of the infantry as each side met each other in battle. This has to be one of my favourite event films of the year and so I thought I would share the event Film from the day. Enjoy!!

And here’s a nice shot of me in action – thanks to Keviin Wolf for sending me this

the victory show video

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