Health and Fitness Magazine

My wife Joy deals with all the Photography side of our business. She’s very excited (understatement) today as one of her pictures from “Nike’s D-Clash Crew” photography session (shot in London) has a big feature in the “Health & Fitness” magazine. First thing this morning she hurried off to Tesco’s to get a copy and was in awe as she opened the magazine to find a double page spread of her Stella McGowan photograph.The D-Clash Crew were created by Nike in a search to find London’s best female freestyle dance talents. Joy got some great photographs on the streets and the group were so good at posing. They are now recognised as one of the UK’s most powerful dance groups.

So I thought I would upload it here so that her 5 mins of fame lasts a little longer. Congats Joy!!! Now have have a cup of tea and some chocolate, calm down and catch up with some editing.

The article of Dancer Stella McGowan is used  by Nike to promote the Nike Air Thread Trainers. Here’s a few links about Nike’s D-Clash Crew:

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