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Today we have Danielle and Jasons wedding video from their Eaves Hall Wedding in Lancashire. This was the first Eaves Hall Wedding we’ve covered and what a venue! With it’s perfect gardens and stunning House, it’s an amazing venue for any wedding photographer or videographer to work and capture some stunning imagery. Earlier this year Danielle and Jason won a £30,000 dream wedding from  radio station 97.4 Rock FM. The aim of the competition was to raise money for a charity called Cash fo Kids. Danielle and Jason raised the most and won the big prize. And as part of the prize we had agreed to donate our filming and editing skills to capture their wedding at Eaves Hall. Anyway, here’s their wedding video highlights from their day at Eaves Hall.

Eaves Hall Wedding video Highlights

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A few thoughts from Danielle and Jason about their day

1) Tell us about how you won your dream wedding?
We applied online to get to bootcamp where we did a silly first dance then answered some questions of how we would raise money for Rock FM charity ‘Cash For Kids’. Five couples got through to the finals and for nine days we did bag packing, raffles,event nights, paint balling, waxing, hired a Peppa Pig and shopping centres.

2) Tell us about your wedding day?
We did lots of preparations for our big day, the flowers, the dress, the suits, the cake, colour etc. Eaves Hall is the most magical and perfect wedding venue anyone could have and we are so lucky. The day was amazing and very over whelming.

3) What were your most memorable moments?The whole day was excellent but the most memorable moments of our wedding day was the speeches we both loved them and that’s when it felt like our day.

4) What advice can you give for others getting married?
The advice we would give to other couples getting married is always talk to each other even if you are disagreeing.

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