Down Hall Chinese Wedding Video Highlights | Lee & Amy

Lee & Amy’s Chinese Wedding Video at Down Hall in Hertfordshire was one of my favourite weddings of the year. Joy posted some of their Chinese Wedding Photography a while back which you can see in two parts here (Part 1 & Part 2). Today we have their Chinese Wedding video highlights. The day started with Chinese wedding door games where the groom and his entourage has a series of challenges that he has to complete before he can collect his bride. Organised by the Bridesmaids and full of sexual innuendos this part of the day is hillarious and completely unlike any other Asian weddings we film or photograph. The groom is not allowed to see the bride until he has passed all the tests. Lee’s games started with all the men having to wear pink knickers and finished with him having to barter and give money to the girls.

After the games their was a lovely Chinese tea ceremony where tea, gifts and money are exchanged. After the tea ceremony Amy changed out of her Qua and into her white wedding dress ready for the civil ceremony. Then it was off for their portraits and the throwing of the Bouquet which was very nicely caught by one of Amy’s friends. Then it was time to go to the Yi-Ban Chinese Restaurant  in Londons docklands for their traditional Chinese Wedding banquet. The food was incredible and the guests all had plenty to drink. I especially love the part of their wedding video where the Bride and Groom go around the tables with the brandy and everyone cheers and congratulates them. Anyway, here’s their Chinese Wedding video highlights from their wedding at Down Hall and the Yi-Ban Chinese Restaurant. Enjoy!!

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