Chinese Wedding Videos

We love Chinese Weddings! The Chinese door games (we try not to giggle too much), the tea ceremonies, dragon dancing, firecrackers and the amazing wedding banquets. Chinese Weddings are so much fun! Lot's of unique moments and traditions as family and friends come together to celebrate your big day. Our experience gives us a great understanding of all the important cultural elements involved, meaning we can anticipate whats coming next and ensure we can capture the moment perfectly.

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For us weddings are about
two people madly in love.

Our approach to Chinese Wedding Videos is simple, coverage usually includes up to 12 hours filming, so we can capture all the Chinese door games in the morning. Love this part so much! We can provide one or two videographers, depending on your requirement and if you need more time then just let us know. We've done lots of Chinese weddings so we understand all the extra surprises included during your day. 

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