Chinese Weddings

I photographed my first Chinese wedding about 4 years ago and loved every minute of it!  Since then I’ve had the pleasure of photographing many more all over the UK.  I love all the traditions; the bride getting ready behind closed doors whilst the bridesmaids prepare all the concoctions and crazy challenges for the boys, the beautiful Chinese tea ceremonies, the lion dancing and the amazing chinese wedding banquet in the evening, especially where the wedding party toast all the tables, it’s so much fun.  Chinese door games are one of my favourite things to photograph, although sometimes it’s a challenge to hold the camera still when you’re laughing so much! Although on the day the Bride is hidden away waiting for her groom to prove himself worthy, and can only listen to all the commotion, afterwards she can view all the boys stunts in detail, these photos are hilarious!

As a storyteller I like to photograph the day as it naturally unfolds, capturing all the traditional ceremonies and precious moments shared with friends and family.  I love to record all the detail personal to your day, the dress, the flowers, the weather and all the emotion.  I like to photograph some beautiful portraits of the bride and groom and also capture lots of pictures of their guests.