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M.V. Erasmus Party Boat – Chinese Wedding Photography, London

Today we have Danni & Don’s Chinese Wedding Photography to share.  Danni and Don had their wedding ceremony on the M.V. Erasmus, a party boat on the Thames then walked to Saikei for their Chinese banquet.  It was a fun day, we started at the Radisson Blu in Canary Wharf with Bridal preparations and Don’s Chinese door games, which were hilarious!  The girls had made different concoctions with chillies for the boys to drink, (one of them threw up – Oops!) they had their legs waxed, got smothered in lemon curd and finally Don had his hair and make up done!   Then it was time to head down to the boat.  Danni and Don had booked the M.V. Erasmus and once everyone was onboard they had a short ceremony and exchanged rings  followed by lunch.  It was a great idea, people had a fantastic time sitting out on the deck and taking pictures of all the sights.   Afterwards Danni and Don, who now live in the US took a walk down memory lane through canary wharf where they used to live and work to Saikei where they had their chinese tea ceremony and we all ate delicious food.  It was a really good day, one of the most enjoyable weddings from a guest’s point of view that I’ve seen.

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