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After queueing for over an hour to get into the 2011 Belvoir Castle Firework Champions we finally unloaded our gear, dragged it up a very steep hill, got the flask out, watched the sun set and got ready for some amazing fireworks. As an events Filmmaker I really love my job!! Belvoir Castle is the perfect venue for any wedding photographer or wedding videographer but this evening it had opened it’s beautiful surroundings to 10,000 spectators who had gathered to see this amazing show. There were 3 of the UK’s best firework companies competing against each other in a 10 minute pyromusical choreographed to music. I was filming on behalf of Komodo Fireworks who were up 2nd and their Pyromusical Fireworks display was outstanding and by far the best of the night. I wasn’t surprised when they stole the show with over 75% of the votes. I film a lot for these guys and know how much effort and passion they put into their work and so a big congratulations to the team as they deserved to win!! Well done!! Here is their Fireworks video from the evening. Enjoy!!

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