As storytellers we love that we get the opportunity to film so many different types of Asian wedding Videos throughout the UK. Tamil, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Chinese, Assyrian and Turkish – we’ve filmed them all. Asian Wedding Videography is full of so many emotive moments and traditions like the coming together of two families, the fire ceremonies, Milni’s, koda-kodi games and the of course, the emotional goodbye ceremonies such as the Vidai for Hindu weddings and the Doli for Sikh weddings. All these incredible moments which when brought together make for incredible films. .

Our approach to Asian Wedding Videography is a delicate balance between capturing every moment whilst at the same time preserving the intimacy and nature of your day as it naturally unfolds. You’ll be glad to know that we don’t stop and start you or boss you around all day, or block your guests from seeing whats going on. Instead  we work hard to capture all those special moments as unobtrusively as we possibly can. So we use some pretty techniques, software and creativity which when combined with our experience of Asian weddings help us create the perfect film.

For us weddings are about
two people madly in love.

We keep things simple, coverage includes up to 12 hours filming, two Cinematographers and everything is filmed in stunning 1080p. If you need more time then just let us know. We have great cameras, audio gear, glidetracks and jibs, all of which when used with some nifty techniques will give your wedding Video that nice cinematic feel.

After filming it's time to craft all those moments, interactions and connections into a beautiful film. We add music, colour grade and mix all the tousands of clips together and once finished upload your wedding video to a private gallery ready for viewing. Once your happy then you will receive your film wedding video on USB and Blu-ray.