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Your wedding day is one of the most significant days of your life, so choosing an Asian Wedding Videographer that knows how to capture all those emotive moments and traditions is essential. Over the years we've filmed many different types of Asian Wedding Videos - Tamil, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Chinese, Assyrian, Turkish, you name it and we've probably done it. For us Asian Wedding Videos and Asian Wedding Videography is about capturing the special moments that happen throughout your day. Families coming together to the sound of drums, the Milni as both sides greet each other with garlands, the traditional koda kodi games as Bride and groom compete to see who's going to be boss and those emotional goodbyes at the end of the day as the bride says goodbye to her family and is welcomed by the Grooms Family. All these unique moments which when brought together make for an incredible wedding video.


That's why our approach to Asian Wedding Videography is a delicate balance be tween capturing every moment whilst at the same time preserving the intimacy and nature of your day as it naturally unfolds. So you’ll be glad to know that we don’t boss you around or block your guests from seeing whats going on during the ceremony. Instead we work hard to capture natural moments as unobtrusively as possible whilst at the same time not missing a thing.



Fusion Weddings From £2500


We love capturing weddings that are a mix of cultures, guests from both sides embracing different traditions and it's always an honour to capture families as they embrace these differences. We've shot lots of Fusion weddings over the years and have a great understanding of what to expect meaning we can be much more creative with our imagery.



Sikh Weddings


We love Sikh Weddings and have captured many over the years. From the getting ready in the morning, the moment the families meet for the Milni, the auspicious wedding ceremony, crazy dancing and the games at the Grooms House at the end of the day. We love every moment, the colour, the emotion, the passion and all those wonderful bits in-between.



Hindu Weddings


Hindu weddings are beautiful occasions. Two families coming together, the drums, the wedding ceremony, the tears, the games and all the other quirky traditions which slightly differ from family to family. They are such fun occasions and no matter how many I photograph or Film, I always come away with a smile. Hindu Weddings are full of surprises and I love that at any moment anything can happen.



Muslim Weddings


No two Muslim weddings are the same and are always an absolute pleasure to capture. We're familiar with Muslim wedding rituals and traditions, working hard to capture everything with sensitivity and passion.