Promotional Photography Leicestershire for Affordable Tree Services LTD

It was really nice to be asked by John from “Affordable Tree Services LTD’ to do some promotional photography for him and his website. A client had asked him to take down three very tall pine trees which were hanging over their property.  It looked like a very tricky job but John made easy work of it. I spent the day taking photos and watching in amazement as he did his thing.I love my work so much as I experience how different industries work.  John is one very skilled guy! He literally stayed up the tree all day without a break whilst I zipped around (it was freezing, so I had to keep warm) capturing the whole process. If your ever looking for an experienced Tree Surgeon then John’s your guy!

I’m usually filming so it was nice to have a chance to take some photos for a change. Anyway, here are a few of my faves from the day! Enjoy – Shaun 🙂

Promotional Photography Leicestershire

Promotional Photography Leicestershire - Affordable Tree Services LTD

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