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Photography - FILMING - Live Streaming


a guy traveling the world with my cameras


My name is Shaun and my passion for filming and Photographing events has taken me all over the world. The last 14 years has been an incredible journey where I've seen and experienced so much.


I've filmed giant water Turbines from inside Italian mountains, filmed and streamed hip and shoulder replacements in a hospital theatre, weddings from pretty much every religion going, corporate events, business meetings, fireworks, trade shows, funerals and World War II reenactments with explosions going off all around me. And I love it!! It's a priviledge to do what I do. I love life and I love capturing it. So here you will see some of what I do, some of what I capture.


So if you have any questions then why not give me a nudge and I'd love to have a chat with you.

Professioanl Live Streaming- FUll UK COVERAGE


Live Streaming FOR WEddings, Funerals and corporate events


Covering London, Suffolk, Kent, Leicester, Manchester, Nottingham, Derbyshire and the rest of the UK including Destination Weddings

Funeral Videography - Funeral Streaming - Funeral Photography